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Aurora Viewing #2

Amazing Sights

-20 °C

So just when my usual bedtime rolled around, I was actually getting ready to go Aurora Hunting again. Instead of putting on my jammies I was getting on extra layers, snow pants and parka…and the biggest pair of boots I have EVER worn. I was given a pair of Sorel snow boots as part of my clothing rental, but the original size they gave me were a tad small and they did not come in half sizes so I had to wear a full size larger. I felt like I was wearing clown shoes – but at least I would be warm!

This experience of Aurora viewing was different from the first night, as we went to different locations to view the Northern Lights. Our group was small and organized through North Star Adventures. Unfortunately, the lights were not as amazing as the first night – maybe I was just spoiled. But had I seen the display like I did last night on the first night, it would still have been pretty spectacular. Our guide and driver, (Chet & Randy) took us to 4 different spots away from the city lights to capture the Aurora.


I am still surprised at the number of people who are travelling to this part of the world and are not prepared for the conditions. Did you do any research? You did realize it would be cold, right?

Traveller’s Tip #6: There is no such thing as bad weather – just inadequate clothing choices!

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Good Canadian Fun!

sunny -9 °C

I am very fortunate to have travelled to many parts of the world and I am always excited when I get to do something for the first time – and even better while I am in Canada. Today was that time! A truly Canadian adventure on board my own snowmobile across frozen lakes. (I have been snowmobiling before but never out on the ice).


It was a beautiful balmy day of blue skies and temperatures of only -9 degrees Celsius. Perfect! After our safety demonstration, we were set loose, and ready to sled! Bombing around in the wide open space was fantastic – no trees in the way to potentially damage myself or the machine! And I could really open ‘er up! Or at least to speeds that I was comfortable with…haha. I managed to keep the sled in an upright position…


It was such fun day! So glad I was able to book this excursion with North Star Adventures. Our guides, Pi and Kyle, were awesome! Highly recommend. We enjoyed hot chocolate, fried bread and maple cookies in the tent before heading back out to another frozen lake. What a great adventure! Yes, I did get some good video with my GoPro camera. I just hope it was aiming in the proper direction – haha.


I arrived back to the hotel later in the afternoon, dropped off my stuff and set out to the Snow Castle – again – now that it was open! The artistry of the snowmaker’s creations were incredible. I even took the ice slide for a ride...never too old to ride a slide…although it takes a little longer to back on your feet when you are wearing big ass boots, parka, snow pants and a few layers of clothing!


Traveller's Tip #7: Try something new every day - and be sure nothing is caught in your teeth when taking close up pictures!

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Aurora Viewing #3

Curtains & Piano Keys

-25 °C

These late nights are really taking a toll…tonight was the 3rd night of my Aurora viewing – this time it was with Sean Norman Tours. I was picked up just before 10:00 p.m. and we ventured out along some ice road networks before settling in on a spot where we would use as a base for the evening. The van continued to run, so there was a spot to hop into if you needed to warm up which was good because it was -25 degrees Celsius. Our group was small and consisted only of 8 people which was great!

Although the night sky was cloud free, the Aurora illumination was pretty quiet at the beginning of the night. But it certainly picked up and provided another excellent display of the Northern Lights.


Very cool *curtains*, as they are often referred as. We witnessed some really cool formations and colours. The lights were dancing across the sky and changing every minute! Such a sight to see! Another amazing night!!!


I still think the first night was THE. BEST. but I certainly do not regret going out every night to experience it over and over again. Who needs sleep when you could be seeing THAT?


We headed back into the city at about 1:30 a.m. which got me back to my hotel around 2:00 a.m. I think I may even have had a wee snooze in the van during the ride back.

Traveller’s Tip #8: Do what you can. How much you can. Whenever you can. Keep enjoying your time – you can sleep when you get home!

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Last Day in Yellowknife

What to Do Next?

sunny -12 °C

For my last day, I had arranged another great Canadian adventure to embark on – dog sledding! (See what I did there? haha). I went to the Enodah Kennels for this fun-filled afternoon. The dogs LOVE what they do. They are bred as working dogs and hate it when they are standing still…they want to run!

I loaded myself into one of the sleds and was whisked again by a 5 dog team with one of the guides doing the driving. Then I was given the opportunity to mush my own sled team – so cool! We ran thru the woods and out on an open frozen lake trail. Another beautiful, blue sky day for this truly Canadian Awesome-ness!


After our journey thru the trails, we were able to get up close to the dogs and the puppies. They love the affection but they really just feel like running! This was such a great day and a fantastic experience!


Flight home later tonight. Hopefully it is an easy and uneventful journey home. Maybe I should not say anything…don’t want to jinx it!

Another great trip to log into my repertoire. Many people could not believe this was my destination of choice. Ok, it’s not for everyone…but if you are Canadian – this is for you! This country is True North Strong and Free.

Traveller’s Tip #9: Be a tourist in your own country.

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